Cherry blossoms – 桜🌸

This photos of cherry blossoms is past one .
I have forgotten when / where I shot this — long time ago.

Then depend on years I had missed the beauty because of busy life or always something in my mind . Then currently I have reconfirmed beauty of cherry blossoms and show us their power to heal us.


In a week , suppose cherry blossoms start blooming beautiful …!!!


At 2020 , school children start learner programming at school as a duty..



AIタクシー ( 人工知能) BY NTT DOCOMO が試運転中。客の待ち数、客がどこにいるかが



Konnyaku /こんにゃく

” konnyaku / こんにゃく” is the low calorie food with several possibilities for variety of healthy foods.

  • こんにゃくは低カロリー、


  • ベジタリアン、ビーガンの方にも




鉄分を含んだ 色は赤い こんにゃくなどは、見た目もお肉の代わりになりますね。


About time for appointments 

Travel like locals -.
I am not sure this is really true or not …I have learned from English text book for somewhere foreign coultures ;

When you are invited for home party , you better to arrive to your hosts’ home little bit late  as hosts can have extra time for ready . 
In Japan .., that’s not polite.

If you are invited by somebodies , you need to be on time otherwise, hosts wait for you and keep worrying you ( something happens?).
In general , if appoint time is 10am , you better to arrive there on time ; that mean you need to be there 5min before .

So you don’t need to say any excuse.

Now we have technology- phones and also text messages .

If you already realized you will be late ,

It’s better idea to tell hosts in advance.
That apply to even ” restaurant reservations ” etc.  
” I am a customer, so why I have to be so polite ?”.

That’s not cool.

Of course , you don’t need to be the exact time , a few minutes or 5 minutes are still ok. But if you will be late that much , you have to think about ” somebodies couldn’t make reservations because of you “( there are even some more extra spots, better to keep in your mind – maybe you are lucky to get your spots).

Suppose some people think .. how crazy ?
 Actualy this time management method is effective for you too , as you also can save your time 🙂


Communicate to locals on your travels

I have told by international travelers / tourists.. some good stories .


When you are somewhere you are hard to communicate to , sometimes you are frozen with your maps or travel guides.


I used to try to assist some travelers look or ” obviously ” lost.

There were two different responses.


  • Good ones are ..

They are very very happy and they said to me ” We have asked many people .. but they couldn’t speak English ..and we have only limited time . If you are coming to our country , we will be happy to assist you !”

wow ! How good feeling I had .

I also wished to visit their countries if possible , and they look nice people ( at least coming to visit our country – as they wanted to know new culture/ people .. but they couldn’t had some opportunities.. so I thought,  I felt very good as I didn’t expect anything that time , and I could communicated to a few of million international travelers I see almost everyday but have almost no opportunities to talk to them ).


Brother site : Better and Better :-)

Here is a brother site –

” Better and better “


Just started blogging but will be updated sometimes 🙂


巾 – 丈

幅 / 巾   ハバ  take (横幅 )

丈          たけ take  (縦幅 )



Thank you ありがとう

Thank you

ありがとう     謝謝      谢谢     고맙습니다