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When we are being sad -” suggestions /solutions “

I have realise some magic —
We tend to be sad / lonely or can’t see better future …

We feel ” that happens to only me ..”.

Actually … there are quite a lot of people feel the same …

Even some people look very succed or always laughing on social media ( pictures / portraits ).

More over ..

On CV..

Many people use own portraits with perfect and somebodies like ” I am very hard working ” or ” I am always smiling and friendly “.

That’s a ” act ( not really real ) …. if I dare to say.
It’s impossible to stay ” smile all the time ” and also ” stay very seriously all the time “-( maybe some people do…”.

But that’s ” neccetry ” .. not natural ..

But we have to follow the rule.
Something interesting fact is …

Once upon a time ,

We have to submit the photo for  Name plate . 

I submitted ” smiley ” portrait… Then Hunan recorse division persons asked me retake my photo .

It’s rule portrait should be “look very serious ” for my work .

So I had to submit and felt ,

I am somehow denied .

The reason why ..?

Whenever I see co- workers , people prefer me to smile and friendly attitude.

But we all staffs need to have cirtification ( name plate with serious look ).

When I am somewhere another countries ..,

Many people use their CV ( even cv portraits) very Smily and even show their teeth ( also these teeth needed to be very white ).

Suppose depend on the culturs or society or field we are belong .

I need to be back to original topics.
When we are very sad and lonely ( even there are some people around us – technically alone or lonely ), when we are down , we tend to feel like that way.
Some bodies say 

” go to travel somewhere !!! See the world and meet new people !”.

I also did before .

But when we can’t do .. how to solve?

I got somehow small solution even temporarily.

Suppose we feel more sad when we see somebodies look they are always happy 

( like social media — plenty of happy monent pictures and videos ..).

But that’s actually temporary .

Maybe suppose if we don’t talk to somebodies old fiends or somebodies having ” good impressions ” when we met last time ..,

Just try to catch up with them .

It’s actually better and effective if we haven’t meet / talked for a long time .

As we both had good impressions when we met the last means —

Not only you but also somebodies you want to talk also have good impressions and suppose even temporary they are happy to talk to you again .

Also more surprised things are —

Suppose some of them also have similar issues — or when you are trying to talk ..” how are you ? ” – respond with ” I am maybe ok .. but I had something sad things .. etc ..”.  They don’t reply ” oh – you will just be ok soon / don’t care … in stead , suppose they response with ” are you really ok …?”.

Then just telling them if you have some concerns .. while we are talking .. we tend to be better ..( even temporary..) .

Just shut down what we are worried about too much for longer period or being patience too much — that’s just harmful ( for our health ).
It’s not that good to talk to same person negative evens again again — if they are not professional counters  or  doctors 

(They charge you but can assist -And they have duty not to tell your personal issues — 

So that’s options ).

This topics also will be long ..,

So I have to stop now.

So .. somebodies all – if you are feel ” sad ” or ” lonely ” or .. ” why that happens to  only me?”–
You are not alone –. Wish somebodies feel such the feeling – very good luck finally .

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About International friends 

I used to have many international friends ( actually still some are friends) and mostly I have ones as they are coming to live / stay my country for studying / working.
It’s nice to meet people from different background ( basic culture / society ).. then started finding something common between us.

One of the barriers are languages but as majority of them speak fluent English even not native English speakers.

Also people came to study and work ( I mean on academia / especially national univiersities )used to be required to learning Japanese as lectures were all in Japanese ( I mean undergraduate students, also grad schools are same just something different from undergraduate is they can write papers and therhis in English — suppose for masters degree , you need to write in Japanese ).

That means , they have quite a lot of efforts (even they can get financial suppports or tutors and fellow international students ).

Anyway , I know how hardworking they are compare to general domestic students .

So I have enjoyed to talk to them and I could learn from them as well.
Now – time is change .

Japanese academia or work places try to seek  potential international people for study and work – then they used to requred Japanese skills ( talking Japanese class are required or they provide these opportunities ) . But there are more opportunities for international people even don’t speak Japanese .

That means : quite a lot of people can apply to study or work .
And as reality is –.

As far as I know ( not all ..),

Suppose much better and even interesting to learn local languages for involving local society .

Some of my international friends especially if they are students ,

Seems they got friends speaking English .

Also not very easy to find Japanese friends speaking English very fluently .

Obviously international people are somehow welcomed and many Japanese want to speak and talk to them .

Some of my international fiends sometimes feel somehow lonely and as the result , they are staying with international people communities .

If you can speak English , you can live and survive here , but you need somebodies trustworthy ( many are rust worthy but …

As I said language barriers made them somehow isolated .

I also had been traveled abroad several times ( somewhere English speaking countries , mostly in the states , and some others ).

But when I traveled to somewhere mother languages are not English , when I tried to ask something to locals , it’s very hard to communicated first . but I have asked 10people for one questions for suppose something just small matters .

Then I have gradually realized , even we have languages barriers we can communicate each other’s.

I mean — even here in Japan , I have asked something to somebodies I don’t know – like train staffs and shop clerks or customer centers or even something professional people for specific questions ..

They can’t answer sometimes right way what I really wanted to know .

Of course my Japanese skill is perfect ” as a Japanese language “– but when I am trying to talk / ask about something completely new field …

If someones answer to me is not highly sophicicated communicator or professionals or at very nice person try to answers as much as possible , anyway ..

I just show “appreciation for their responses ”  even that’s not really clear answers (then try to talk to next ones — or share what I know or research about that in case ).
Back to the topics —

If we / you travel somewhere … much interesting and fun to communicate to locals . Not necessarily if you are on group tours  or always know how to reach there even business trip, suppose somebies already prepare for you .’

But when you / we are solo travelers or want to know the places visit more not only just for business purpose , much better to know some easy phrases for communications — at least how to say thank you .

I also have met some studying on their own in their counties already and spoke very fluent Japanese — that not like buginers… but they said ” I can’t understand that much what people said — they speak too fast !”.

Suppose as we recognize they can speak Japanese very well . 

We don’t speak to them very very slow.

That mean – we are already felt they are suppose international people from other counties … but we are already feeling somehow they are alike us / not Japanese but they are like us . So we don’t care that much they are strangers or not – subconsciously .
This topics will be long , so I will write more another time .

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Some thought when I found this news/ ads ( only in Japanese but suppose guess what )

(Only in Japanese —

But suppose there are full of photos – you can understand what’s about ).

One of the ad for housing Advertisements currently I see often .
A year ago or so I was wondering what suddenly happen this quiet area—Finally this company / owner selling this apartment… wish “” good or somebodies admire or at least people understand how many citizens tried to protect or coming to visit for this sacred place . I am just wondering city of kyoto don’t have other ideas to sell these land to maintain their budgets…?( I have a good / hard working friend of mine … so I don’t want to say something negative …. but that’s somebodies decisions?).
Also once somebodies settle down/ buy apartments there ( that means : the land is from suppose public / semi- public to private property suddenly )—now wish they don’t get upset to tourists or locals passing by there as the places are already part of area we liked to visit – although as far as I see the apartment , I couldn’t see inside – also people non resident can’t enter of course .

 As a fact …

Many land owners sell their land and moving out somewhere neighbor city ( with larger land or apartment– especially somebodies having own family or retired and live alone or small family : senior couple or somebodies living alone ) after living for a long time .
Anyway ..

This shrine is getting open to public and having craft markets etc and they are trying citizens / tourists come to visit .
Time is changing , and people seem to reconfirmed to live with semi- natural places 

As suppose we are already tired of concreted city life .
Beside people from countryside or somewhere like Tokyo – still have some dream to visit kyoto (and around KANSAI area )– sometimes I met somebodies lady ( Japanese ) used to have family but her husbands are passing way and live on their own -, and travels on their own . Some say , they used to visit here with her husbands or just came to visit brief of her children already having own family. Then .., just doing short excursion.
I have met some people doing like that way in shiga / next to kyoto . They all told to me “” how beautiful places KANSAI is .. we didn’t have these temples / shrines .. also I also climbed Mt.**.., there are hearval garden and nice cafes!!!”.
As a locals , we always subconsciously feel 

” maybe we can go there anytime …”-

Then as a reality, we haven’t been there or just visited these places suppose already .

But actually time is changing and childhood memories , youth , Middle Ages , and suppose what we called seniors ( now we need to define the babies / children/ adults …especially seniors — from some reasons : suppose babies / children are ok .. but even people over 70/80 .. some people are very active … and there are many over 100 years old persons… at least in Japan ).
I really am not sure how many people are really happy to live very very longer but sometimes on tv show or news , somebodies over 100 or more people talking to interviewers with positive way .
When I see them– not bad — but at the same time I have quite a lot of sad news or stories as well – of course majority of people don’t talk in public at all… just want to keep their life private .
Same of youth .. and children also even babies . There are some problems – too much competitions etc etc .
It’s quite hard to define what is real happiness –?
Some people live very happy — but suddenly tragedy happens — .

Or somebodies live with extremely struggled situations for longer period ..

But suppose as far as they are making efforts : good things will be happened .

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Past Photography exhibition in kyoto 

As I used be active on travel abroad  and I had limited time that time for preparing –But anyway I held a few exhibitions in kyoto 
Here is the website “transreal Space Project ”  ( sorry this is not well done site ). 

It’s solo exhibition, so somehow not easy to prepare on my own on limited period  but it’s great opportunities to have it. 

I used to have another website : already long time ago ( for me ) for these exhibition . Now I am not afford but when time is coming , would be nice to do again .  

I know rhe website should be improved and simplified – for reminder of my self …,

I am posting here .

Also actually I am somehow ashamed of show them now from the reason :

They are not far from really good but ..

When my friends , somebodies coming to my exhibitions coinsident or especially owner of the small exhibition ( I did big one and small one both ).., we taked to some visitors and shared our stories with small drink and snack . Visitors were mostly Japanese have high interest in travel abroad or already studying somewhere foreign counties and suppose they miss traveling or meeting international people . I have asked a few  international friends coming to visit . So they also talk each other’s – and the atmosphere of the small one was actually nice .

I don’t know what owner and some visitors are doing now .

These are preparing rushing —

When I will hold next one , even very small one, I will plan something having clear  ” theme / concept ” .  

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Something changing in a few years suddenly 

Actually my blog’s topocs are quite changing ….
First I wanted to write ” useful ” sites for international tourists form the reason :

Whenever I met somebodies still new to coming to kyoto : from convenience , I had more opportunities to meet new people ” in Pearson ” — ( work / and volunteer both).
In fact –currently , somehow situations are changing .
I see ( just see / not talk .. )  of people I can’t count .. 

also  I also am misunderstood as tourists !!

( …many times… also some shop staffs start talking to me “in English”:  I am Japanese ..  ) .
( that’s fun… but actually sometimes might better for me as I also can see from different aspects).

( also obviously, many people working at kyoto are not always locals —

So sometimes even now I ask some shop staffs – how to get to ****?).

70% can’t answer correctly.

So when I really need to ask , I am trying to find ” very old shops — no English sign for example .. or just find somebodies walking and look like real locals — about myself ,

I have tried to find people suppose living very close there — .

They can understand when I ask them the ” address “:

Why Adress ?

Especially in kyoto , and if they are real locals living long long time for many years ..,

They remember the street name .

Suppose for tourists , it’s not easy to even read the very long and complicated adress 

( even myself ..  it’s not easy to remember except street numbers 2th steeet …10th street .. actually there are no 1st street and after 11th street — plus , major and larger streets such as Karasuma street / kawaramaxhi street).
There are quite many minor streets , 

And real locals living extremely long periods remember as they learned as kids .

There are even songs for the name of streets .

I am not sure current school teach these songs but some of my friends ( especially I can called ” real local “)– they can sing the song of streets .
Once we are being adult and trying to remember , not easy but as a child, 

Then when they learn these songs by heart,

It’s quite easy to remember.

That’s like a folk songs.
Nowadays as current kids are loving more something high tech -etc.

These folk songs are almost extinct.

But somehow interestingly ..

Some locals ( passionate to preserve and promote their almost extinct culture ) and rather not locals ( both domestic and international) are trying to preserve , promote and even create interactive community .

Or as far as I know ..

Some people just moving out to somewhere for long time ..

Then they reconfirmed or missing their hometown .

Even some people always wanted to go away from their hometown ( supppse major reason is … too traditional or too much hidden rules …)  : they seem to be back sometime .
I am still neutral . 
But what I can say is ..
There are still unknown / new things every time I can find .