Red bubble ( Australian platform for artwork / products )

Here is another platform for artist can sell online – red bubble ( Australian based company ) . Suppose pop and young spirit , rather cute or unique artist works you can find .
About myself .. I make still semi- classic or pop..  so .. maybe my artworks look different from fellow artists or website . 

As now is the autumun color time , I made this . Originally I photographed several years ago when the red Momoji colors were beautiful ( … depend of year , quite different..!!!).  

I have visited temple located to west of Kyoto before hiking to trekking .

The year’s leaves looked very vivid and beautiful . For long time they are on my pc ( storage …..) , and as I can’t afford to visit there again even I can imagine suppose now the good timing . In stead created this one . 
Thank you so much for your checking !

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Autumun colors by greenaomi


Nice museum / painter just found ( and have never found yet ..) !

I have believed most of art museums noth small and huge ones especially Kyoto regions .

And just realised small museums had never found Coinsidentally .

Seems there are private small museums not always open. I haven’t been to but just the reason I thought would be nice collections for checking .
If I will have lucky to have opportunities to check them , would like to .. 

Honestly this year , even world popular artists exhibitions are also held but … I don’t have that much interested in lately Even I used to passionate about .
Instead I found this painter ( sketches animals and painting ) – konoshima Okoku 木島櫻谷 at Kyoto Bunka museum  Also at  Izumiya museum collection .

Very délicates animals sketches – even his paintings were criticized by Soseki Natsume 夏目漱石 :  very known novelist for – I am a cat / bocchan, Kusamakura , and cocolo etc .  It’s interesting why he felt like that way but he was educator and also novelist studying abroad ( and being mental ills ..) .. his novels are interesting and some are sort of .. reflect to anxiety or self confessions.  Maybe he was nervous that time …( not sure , just imagination ).
But I think .. I have seen many art including animals but I liked this artist painting .

Not gorgeous but simple and well sketched .

The eye of bear looked gentle .. 

of course some animals look little bit scarcely faces but they are just some expressions. 
… subconsciously I found this exhibition eye catching this time …

Maybe I feel to see something relaxing … and animals / birds art look lovely .

Commission artworks / part1. Society6 Shop ( Thanks For Your Checking !)

Commission works –

Thank you for checking 🙂
(.. profit is very  small but appropriate someone’s really parchased my artworks !!

.. now people don’t consume so I don’t expect .. try to think optimistic —

How to learn the process of making artworks for real products are also nice 🙂

I will introduce some other platforms next ..

Illness and recover 

…  illness is symptom :

When we feel much pain.. if we don’t go to see medical doctors and wasn’t diagnosed..

We are seen as not ill.
Then opposite..

Even we have awful Azuma , pains etc etc and doctors say .. maybe ***.

We are patients even we didn’t want to admit ..
….sometimes :: just someone’s felling syspathy .. listen to you ..

We can get rid of pains ..

Take some time but as far as someone’s listen to you (.. we feel better ).
Babies / kids are crying … and sometimes parents take them to hospitals but no ills ..

They are just felt sad or lonely .. or just staying with their parents etc ..
Dogs / cats… any animals are same .
.. when we feel really alone or no ones can’t help you …..(?).
What I did was ..

… believe ourselves ..( we will be fine and better and …. ).

Even if we can’t be ok ……

(… TRY to think different way …

Like today is the last day… so what???

… if that’s not out of morality ..

We need self help….

I have read a lot books (… suddenly becoming like psychologists or philosophers …). 

Many saying ..
Don’t over think ..!!!

You will be all right .
You feel pains that mans your mind/ bodies need SOS.

Also try to use/ stimulate another area :

I mean brain ( mind) or .. suppose your body is too tense .. so try to release .

Listen to music — once upon a time you really liked …( even you feel no time now…… ).
Or just trying to listen to sounds of birds ..?!

Sometimes only when we do different what we do as habits ….( or try the opposite music you thought you would never ever liked … ).
Or .. do something much much difficult thing —

Like try to learn another languages ….

Once you learned a few words and try to use …

And use that : like create artworks .

A little a little new habits also will be helpful to get out what you are sturuggleing ( … of course when that cronical pains— just go to see doctors places ..but when there are no alternative options …even temporarily.. suppose that would be helped ).
Anyway please take care of yourself as well…

( also I will do the same ..).

Everyone’s is unique – no single humans are not same even twin 

Everyone are all different.

“No one” is the same .

We are originally from single cell having functions for possible design materials look like “ sun or moon / planet shapes “ .
Fusion to another tiny fish like creature amazingly fast swimmer compete to reach the sun like creature .
We all humans are at least born on this same process .

 Why someone’s ( humans ) are treat like god -?

Who is God ?

What is God?
Humans’ imagination created something people called God.
Who can express what is exactly God is?
God is created from the fear, sadness and loneliness .
When we need someone’s Humans asking help but when we feel helpless.
If you have some belief ,

Your god / Belief will assist you as will power.

Categorize race or genders or where you are from — is actually nonsense from the long process of how humans areappeared on this planet earth.

Homo sapience were part of what we called great ape ( someone named as they believed humans are different from other animals even same ape like gorillas ,chimpanzees etc ).

Some believes dogs don’t smile and laugh and feel sad and pain.

Fish don’t feel stres and pain.

That’s obviously false .

Even plants feel pains and stress —

We enjoy autumn colors but for tree …
Huge stress .

To protect theirselves or Suden shock made their leaves turn red .

But they also learn how to live longer …. they are also trying to live – also among other trees , they also have competitions.

When you feel tired and clinical stress even trying to talk to fellow humans …

There are some alternative options .

You are not freek or weird — as there are obviously fact .

All living cretures are on competitors for surviving— and at the same time all release signals of “ SOS”.

If you help them when they saying ( with another languishes – signals .. HELP! )… they will protect you in return .

Once upon a time when humans didn’t think they are part of nature , they have appropriation to nature .

Suppose some people feel strange .

But humans called small rock or water believe the place where water appear on forest — the place god exist .

When humans feel helpless and don’t know what to do .. eager to pray and asked to the water / stones .

… they knew they help them from their SOS.

This talk will be extremely long and will be never ended .

So ..
I would like to end to wri now .

Suppose next time .

Something different…

Did you know ..? Next year will be year of “ dog “.

Dogs are so lovely and they are more than family or friends .
When we feel very lonely and sad .. and even someone’ “ humans — even friends / family “ don’t realise how we feel sad , pains …

Dogs are amazing – they understand us and come to approach to us —and heal us.
Sadly my little one ( already old enough but for me “ little baby “) are now in heaven ( — finally I have accepted this reality gradually after long long sadness – still now – suddenly appears… 
But he also fighted to his pains … very patience . If he was like us “ human “ — suppose saying “ I feel so tired ! I feel extremely painful ! I don’t feel good ! Don’t touch me !!!”.

In stead , he was quiet and very very patient against huge pain ( already heart was hurted …. also skins were … looked very painful ).

While he was still beside us .., I have never ever felt to have another dog .

I already felt he would stay beside of us forever ( even I know humans can live longer than dogs … but I felt like that way — he would live eternally).

After his passing by —, I have constantly look for dogs dogs dogs … whenever I see any dogs I encountered ,

I saw their faces and even they approached me and I have toriched them even their owners a bit surprised and apologized to me — but I always am rather happy and felt joys to touch and see their eyes .

Interestingly 100% dogs I encountered approached to me and didn’t get upset to be touched .

They understand humans feeling quite a lot .

How beautiful dogs are —( at least to me ).

I have drawing my sweetie — on my process to be decreasing my depression and sad feeling  .

Next year will be year of “ dog “ of Chinese calendar . In japan , we still use Chinese calendar for each year .
Also here is new Flickr group “ dog !”.

( …I will update this section later )

Coinsidentaly I have found nice blog -Basically Geek mythology and anthology —So I found interesting as long time ago I have read about Greek myth also sometime on museum we can see sculptures and found how they look like ( even imaginations based but there could be models ). 

Dog was also gardien for humans :

This fact is not only anrient time but even now dogs are gardians / messenger of gods —for humans .. this is fandamental .

I don’t follow specific religions but we can find common among several mythologies from different cultures / continents .